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JULY 07, 2012
Latest News, Here is the new "Ready to Assemble"
A Good Days Fishing

There is a website now that you can purchase your mexican fishing permits online and its very easy. To purchase a permit online you first need to register with them for a new account by creating a screen name and password. Then they will email you back immediately a link to confirm where then you will be directed to purchase a permit by the day, week, month or year. by using a visa or mastercard.
Other News: We just finished launching the RTA after replacing a broken drive shaft and repainting the bottom  with two coats of bottom paint. We also upgraded to the new side scanning sonar that extends to 1200 feet on both sides of the boat and a 1kw Airmar Transducer to read the bottom at any depth.

Can't wait to get out there and try this new gear out.
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"Ready to Assemble"
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